Venue Areas - Palace Theatre

  • The Auditorium

    The 1,116-seat auditorium at the Palace Theatre provides an ample yet intimate setting for everything from live performances and special events to film screenings. The plush red seats have been re- upholstered while retaining the original ornamentation on the wrought-iron arms. Two large oil paintings hang on either side of the auditorium, topped by a unique recessed shell pattern. The auditorium also includes a sizeable balcony level that seats nearly 500 people.
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  • The Stage

    The Palace Theatre stage features a 40-foot-wide proscenium with a motor-operated screen curtain that can accommodate a wide variety of events.
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  • Green Room & Dressing Rooms

    Owing to its origins as a vaudeville theatre, the Palace is equipped with numerous dressing rooms in the lower levels that can accommodate a variety of modern stage productions, as well as a green room area for performers and/or guests.
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  • Exterior and Interior Lobbies

    Between the box office and the entrance to the Palace Theatre is a spacious exterior lobby area with marble floors, lights and display cases for show posters. Above the entrance doors are windows to the women's lounge on the second floor, so that the women in the lounge upstairs could spot the men waiting for them in the exterior lobby below. The smaller interior lobby is a new addition to the Palace Theatre, separating the entry area from the entrance to the auditorium.
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  • Men's and Women's Lounges

    Designed to provide a large, comfortable area for people to congregate before or after a show, the men's and women's lounges retain the visual elegance that marks the rest of the Palace Theatre. A large set of windows in the women's lounge allowed women to spot their men in the exterior lobby just below.
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  • The Loft

    A popular film location that has been featured in movies such as The Big Lebowski and The Prestige, the loft at the top level of the Palace Theatre provides a unique backdrop for everything from period to contemporary settings. A set of latticed windows set at an angle toward the rear of the loft gives the space a unique character, while the size of the space provides ample room for lighting and camera equipment.
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  • Offices

    In the intermediate levels of the building between the auditorium and the loft are a series of offices that can serve as film locations or a temporary production command center.
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